About Me


That’s me on the left.  The photo was taken at a friend’s birthday party on 2014.  From the picture you probably guess that I’m an old happy drunk.  Pictures can be deceiving :-).

The old part may be correct depending on your perspective (I am pushing 50 afterall).  The happy part… well I’d say mostly correct, we all have our bad days.  The drunk part.. not so much.  I just happened to be in a pub and the background just happens to be filled with bottles of booze so don’t read too much into that.

I’m from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and I work as an IT Security Specialist.  When I’m not working at the job that pays my bills I run a martial arts school (  But that’s what I do not who I am (although, martial arts is a big part of who I am).  If I had to sum it up to fit in a single twitter post I’d say “I’m a dad who is interested in the world around him.”  I started this blog as a vehicle for some thoughts on my professional life but as I get older I find that it’s evolving into just my thoughts about life in general and I really only post when I can’t sleep or my brain tells me that it’s time to write something rather than just thinking about things.  If for some strange reason you feel compelled to communicate with me, feel free to leave a comment or send an email to address below… unless you’re a spammer.  I prefer not receiving spam comments or emails but if you do have to spam me then please make your spam entertaining.  I especially enjoy the spam that makes no sense or has really bad grammar.


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